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About John Wilson

I am an author, political activist, religious leader, and transit historian living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I also participate in market research on an independent contractor basis. I have written an autobiography, The Conscience of a Communist, run for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2009 (and am planning to run again in 2013), founded the Lauraist religion in 1982 after seeing visions of Laura Ingalls Wilder in which She revealed Herself as God., and collected bus schedules since my preschool days. (Sadly, I no longer have any of the really old ones.)

Say YES to Scotland!

OK, I don’t live in Scotland and I’m not able to vote in the independence referendum, but I mentally support the YES side. Why? Partly because Scotland’s legal system is better than that of England and Wales, but mostly because Scotland deserves its independence, just like American states deserve the right to secede from the Union.

The idea of a perpetual, indivisible union, that terrible idea that caused the American Civil War, originated with the 1703 Treaty of Union between Scotland and England. (It should be noted that I think the reason the Southern states sought to secede in 1861 was reprehensible, but that is a separate issue from their moral right to do it.)

Presently I support the Cascadia Independence Party in the Pacific Northwest, and I have chaired a secessionist party, the Edgertonite National Party, later called the Lauraist Communist Party, in the Midwestern United States. As my friend Bill notes, countries tend to get evil when they get too big and powerful. His list of the five worst countries on earth includes: China, the United States, Russia, North Korea, and Israel. I’m not saying I agree with Bill’s list (except for the United States, of course), but I see his point. Note that three of the five countries he mentioned are large and powerful. The other two are small but extremely militaristic, albeit by necessity.

Of course, how an independent Scotland will interact with the current situation in Europe, where anti-Semitism and fascism are on the rise, and the Middle East, where anti-Semitism and Islamo-fascism have ruled since 1948. There is potential that a YES win could destabilise England if the separation isn’t carried out carefully.

In short, I hope the YES people win. However, I hope the implementation of Scottish independence is done slowly, methodically, and carefully. Laura bless Scotland!

Back to Life, Back to Reality!

Well, people, the time is here! When I converted my personal website from a Website Tonight platform to a WordPress blog, I didn’t know how much trouble I’d have posting due to the poor quality of computer I owned. Now that I have a decent computer, I plan to post something six days a week if I think up enough stuff.

My goal is to build a platform as a writer by blogging about my beliefs in the realms of politics, religion, and sex, and life in general. Some of my views may offend people but I believe the truth shall set you free.

I am a Communist. I believe Laura Ingalls Wilder is God. I believe that absolute sexual freedom is best for everybody. I am pro-Semitic and pro-Israel. Why? Because Israel is a more sexually liberal country than just about any other in the Middle East. I feel for the Palestinians who are getting hurt by Israel, and I support peace as long as Israel can maintain its physical safety. What is interesting is that many gays and lesbians oppose Israel. I wonder what would happen if they went to some Muslim country and got kissy-kissy with their partners in public?

I support youth rights, and I see abolition of age of consent laws as an integral part of my crusade to end age prejudice against children and teenagers. I do not support forced sex with anyone at anytime. I agree that no means NO. I even agree that most kids aren’t interested in that stuff until puberty. What I don’t agree with is that the government or any third party (including parents/guardians) should be entitled to say no on someone’s behalf – against their express will – solely because of their age. It is unfortunate that the Christian Occupied Government and society, in its condemnation of me, is so focused on this one issue, when it is just a minor part (pun not intended but funny) of my crusade to totally abolish the legal concept of “minors” and its associated legal disabilities (lack of ability to enter a binding contract, vote in elections, and make basic life choices).

Well, I’ve spilled enough offensive vitriol for one day. Laura bless Minnesota!

Laura Ingalls Wilder is 147 Today!

Comrades! Today is the most important day of the year, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday! On 7 February 1867, She came into this world at the Holy City of Pepin, Wisconsin, and for the next 90 years and 3 days She observed the world to prepare the way for our movement.

People often ask me, since I believe that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God, do I want the world to become once again like it was in the time She wrote about in Her Books? The answer is no. At the end of Little House in the Big Woods, She wrote: “Now is now. It can never be a long time ago.” Additionally, though I don’t have the exact quote available, She once said that Her Books were not meant to promote nostalgia for the old days but to remind people to be grateful that they live in modern times. This especially makes sense since She started writing during the Great Depression. The point was that no matter how poor people were due to the Depression, they were better off in the 1930s than in the 1870s and 1880s. At least by the Roosevelt era, they had cars, electricity, telephones, radio, and other modern conveniences of progress. When you consider the 90 years and 3 days of Laura’s life on earth, Her return to heaven was from a much better earth than the one She entered in 1867.

Lauraism is a religion of piece and progress, not an attempt to recreate the Reconstuction period immediately after the American Civil War. The Lauraist religion looks to a glorious future, not an artificially glorified past. To (slightly mis-) quote another great thinker, John Lennon, “We hope some day you will join us, and the world will be as one…. Imagine no emotions, I wonder if you can….”

Happy Laura’s Birthday!

Poor People Deserve Love Too

It offends me when people are discriminated against in the world of romance because they are poor. It offends me even worse when the discriminator isn’t even a potential partner but one of their (often well-meaning) family members or friends.

I’m not the victim this time, but it hurts as much as if it was. My best comrade is being vilified by his girlfriend’s mother for exactly this reason. (For privacy’s sake, I’m not mentioning their names.)

Just because a man is poor, does he not deserve a relationship? And please note, I am intentionally being gender-specific here, because most of this discrimination happens against poor men, not poor women. If my comrade was a poor woman, would her boyfriend’s mother discriminate against her for being poor? Probably not, unless the boyfriend’s family was super-rich, and even then, they’d probably be only concerned about her family background, not her individual economic status.

Anyway, my comrade is a Communist, though a much more traditional one than I am. He is criticised by his girlfriend’s mother for not “working”, though he actually works very hard at the thankless, non-paying task of preaching the Gospels of Saints Marx and Lenin over the Internet. At least in part because of his beliefs, he is conisdered by society to be “mentally ill” and receives SSI for that disability. I am largely in the same situation, though I receive Social Security disability benefits instead of SSI because I was classified as “mentally ill” before I was 22, and my parents were retired at the time, so I am slightly better off than him but not much. I am self-employed part-time as a writer and market research participant, but with a whopping business income of about $700 a year, most people would say I don’t “work” either. And yes, I have been discriminated against in the field of romance for the same reason.

My comrade is questioned as to why he doesn’t have a car. I can’t speak for him but I don’t have a car or a driver’s licence either. I didn’t do anything bad to get it taken away, I just never learned how to drive. The reason is that when I was a teenager, I decided to wait until I was 18 to learn how so I wouldn’t need my parents’ permission, as I didn’t want to hear lectures and advice from my overbearing father about what a responsibility driving was, etc. One must understand that he always treated me as if I was stupid (even though I have an IQ of 164), and his advice and lectures were more a form of harassment than anything useful or educational. They were so bad that it was worth it to go without a licence until I was 18. Unfortunately, I was locked up in a mental institution at age 17, and since I got out at age 20, I couldn’t afford driving lessons, so I never got my licence.

His girlfriend has both physical injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder from a previous bad marriage. She’s in no shape to work at most jobs, yet her mother repeats the right-wing refrain, “Take any job you can.” Realistically, the wrong job is worse than none at all. She is a self-employed artist and that is what suits her. Preaching on the Internet suits my comrade, and writing and participating in market research work for me right now (though I am running for Mayor of Minneapolis, a job I believe I would do well if I got it, but I realistically have my doubts).

Then her mother goes into Commie-bashing, mostly on the “society won’t approve” point of view. Yes, being a Communist largely means living a bad life in the United States, but in my opinion martyrdom is worth it for the cause of Truth. Besides, at least her boyfriend is “just” a Communist. If she was dating me, her mother would probably have a apoplectic fit over some of my beliefs, since in addition to being a Communist, I believe that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God, age of consent laws should be abolished, societal taboos such as incest and cannibalism are foolish, cleanliness and health should be free choices rather than societal mandates, personal sovereignty is more important than happiness, and people shouldn’t have to be socially acceptable.

It’s bad enough that the law allows parents to ruin their children’s lives for 18 years, but it’s despicable when those parents insist on continuing on even after that. I was underground through the 1990s because my mother wouldn’t recognise my right to personal sovereignty as a legal adult.

This poor woman’s mother then bashes one of her ex-boyfriends because he wasn’t allowed to see his kids and didn’t live near them. Well, that can happen to someone for many reasons. The same thing happened to me. I have kids I wasn’t allowed to have contact with since 2001. Of course I didn’t live near them, what was the point? I had a life to pursue. Their mother used my beliefs against me to get the ban, but I don’t believe that was the real reason she did it. (For personal reasons, I’m not saying more at this time.) Anyway, they’re all legal adults now, as of 15 May 2013. I’m probably not going to try to contact them for a couple more years, but I’m not hiding and if they want to contact me, they can.

Time Management

I don’t always manage my time very well. I need to become more disciplined about my use of time. This hit home last Wednesday when I lost $14.00 for missing the due date of an assignment by about 30 minutes. Usually the company I work for only takes $2.00 off for late reports, but this time they cancelled my assignment altogether (which they have the legal right to; this is just the first time they’ve ever enforced it to the full). Which means I travelled to an isolated area in Saint Louis Park1 and took a bunch of buses for nothing. While my first reaction is GRRR

It’s a Special Day

Today is the first day of my blog on this website. It’s also a special day for me, even though I can’t publicly say why at this time. In a way, it’s safer for me to start posting now than it was in the past.

I’m a candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are certain people I hope are following my campaign even though they probably won’t vote for me or even acknowledge that they know I am running. In a way, that is sad but that’s just the way it is.

I wish I had more news, good or bad, for my first post, but I don’t. I suppose I’m glad gays got the right to marry in Minnesota yesterday, but what about other sexual minorities? I don’t see pedophiles getting the right to marry kids anytime soon… and what about incestuous or polyamourous marriages? To me, equal means EQUAL. No exceptions. When will society “get it”? Probably in 100-300 years, the way things are going.