Say YES to Scotland!

OK, I don’t live in Scotland and I’m not able to vote in the independence referendum, but I mentally support the YES side. Why? Partly because Scotland’s legal system is better than that of England and Wales, but mostly because Scotland deserves its independence, just like American states deserve the right to secede from the Union.

The idea of a perpetual, indivisible union, that terrible idea that caused the American Civil War, originated with the 1703 Treaty of Union between Scotland and England. (It should be noted that I think the reason the Southern states sought to secede in 1861 was reprehensible, but that is a separate issue from their moral right to do it.)

Presently I support the Cascadia Independence Party in the Pacific Northwest, and I have chaired a secessionist party, the Edgertonite National Party, later called the Lauraist Communist Party, in the Midwestern United States. As my friend Bill notes, countries tend to get evil when they get too big and powerful. His list of the five worst countries on earth includes: China, the United States, Russia, North Korea, and Israel. I’m not saying I agree with Bill’s list (except for the United States, of course), but I see his point. Note that three of the five countries he mentioned are large and powerful. The other two are small but extremely militaristic, albeit by necessity.

Of course, how an independent Scotland will interact with the current situation in Europe, where anti-Semitism and fascism are on the rise, and the Middle East, where anti-Semitism and Islamo-fascism have ruled since 1948. There is potential that a YES win could destabilise England if the separation isn’t carried out carefully.

In short, I hope the YES people win. However, I hope the implementation of Scottish independence is done slowly, methodically, and carefully. Laura bless Scotland!

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