Monthly Archives: May 2013

Time Management

I don’t always manage my time very well. I need to become more disciplined about my use of time. This hit home last Wednesday when I lost $14.00 for missing the due date of an assignment by about 30 minutes. Usually the company I work for only takes $2.00 off for late reports, but this time they cancelled my assignment altogether (which they have the legal right to; this is just the first time they’ve ever enforced it to the full). Which means I travelled to an isolated area in Saint Louis Park1 and took a bunch of buses for nothing. While my first reaction is GRRR

It’s a Special Day

Today is the first day of my blog on this website. It’s also a special day for me, even though I can’t publicly say why at this time. In a way, it’s safer for me to start posting now than it was in the past.

I’m a candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are certain people I hope are following my campaign even though they probably won’t vote for me or even acknowledge that they know I am running. In a way, that is sad but that’s just the way it is.

I wish I had more news, good or bad, for my first post, but I don’t. I suppose I’m glad gays got the right to marry in Minnesota yesterday, but what about other sexual minorities? I don’t see pedophiles getting the right to marry kids anytime soon… and what about incestuous or polyamourous marriages? To me, equal means EQUAL. No exceptions. When will society “get it”? Probably in 100-300 years, the way things are going.